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Samuel White is a London based Director Of Photography, working across various platforms of moving image.

Upon leaving education Samuel set out to pursue his interests in film, photography & travel, primarily in the extreme sports industry. Several years chasing after skateboarders and BMX bikes eventually led to the commercial film world, where he continued to learn and develop his skills on a range of projects and roles, from creating content with Cristiano Ronaldo to chasing ultra runners up mountains.  


Since those early days, Samuel has stepped up to lead productions as a DoP, working internationally from Tokyo to the Elan Valley with clients such as Adidas, Reebok & the Department for Education. 

Samuel now possesses a vast amount of experience and technical knowledge, alongside an ever growing list of equipment, including a full Arri Alexa Mini camera package. Allowing for him to step onto productions as an asset to both directors and producers.

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